For the sake of the environment

Did you know..?

that it takes about 7,5 liters of water
(toilet flushing, cleaning of basin and shower, wiping floors and surfaces) and a vacuum cleaner with a power of 850 watt takes about 5 minutes per room which is about 0,07 kilowatt hours of electricity. Every room has about 2 dust bins (bathroom & room).
That is 7.125 liters of water, 66,5 kilowatt hours of electricity and 1.900 rubbish bags per day.
Which means 465,5 kilowatt hours of electricity, 49.875 liters of water and 13.300 rubbish bags per week – simply for the hotel room cleaning.
Therefore, we ask our guest to please hang one of our little gunnysacks outside their room in order to skip the daily cleaning process – if not really necessary. Only if our guest and we start making sustainable choices we can make a difference. No, we do not want to cut labour costs – quite the opposite – we care about the environment and about our staff.