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We always do our best – even outside the hotel business

We are always endeavoured to make conscious decisions, whether it’s in our daily business or regarding future. Our hotels have their own projects dear to the heart, that we enjoy supporting. From a charity soccer match in Nidda to collecting Christmas gifts for children in need. We love to see the outcome and what we can achieve as a community. Together we can make a difference. We are happy about your support. We would like to introduce to you some of our projects in the following.

Castlewood Hotels Soccer Match

Charity Soccer Tournament

in aid of children with cancer

Our charity soccer tournament raised 4.550 € in 2019. Our hotel director Marco Jozzi had the honour to hand the donations over to the parents’ association of children with cancer in Gießen. We are very grateful for the large participation in the tournament with more than 20 teams. Moreover, we want to thank all volunteer helpers, sponsors and visitors. We intend to keep organizing this event “Kicking for good purpose” in future.

Castlewood Hotels Kurhaushotel
Castlewood Hotels Charity Match
Castlewood Hotels Charity Match

Affair of the heart

  • True to our values, we especially value nature and environment. Because of that, we try very hard to involve our guests as well, when it comes to saving water and producing less rubbish. ...

  • At our lottery campaign with hot punch and glühwein we received generous donations supporting the “Children’s Cancer Aid Association of the Berchtesgardener Land + Traunstein – friends of the children”....

  • Every year there is a charity concert in favour of UNICEF in the 'Peterskirche' church of Heidelberg. It is a pleasure to us to help fight the hunger in Africa....