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“A warm welcome”

Kateryna Smura, CEO

“Thank you for your interest in Castlewood Hotels & Resorts. Our hotel group is a family business in which we value a family-like environment within our team. A trusted relationship with our employees is very important to us. The foundation stone for Castlewood Hotels & Resorts was already laid in 2015. Now, our group has seven hotels in the most pristine areas of Germany. The connection to nature, tradition and family is highly relevant to us and that is what we live in our philosophy.”

Castlewood Hotels Hotel zum Ritter St. Georg Historisch


Tradition is very important to us without taking it too serious – means, tradition with a twist. We value the tradition of a house with its very unique history as well as the tradition of the region with its local practices and cultures. We see the very individual characters of a place with its people as highly interesting and precious. It is one of the attributes that sets us apart. The name and tradition of a house should always be continued, knowing very well, that a good house has a lasting effect on a whole region.

Castlewood Hotels Hands


As a family business a family-like environment and trusted relationships are very important to us. We value a strong cohesion, communication and an honest interaction with each other. This, we live inside our team but also with you – our guests. We want you to feel comfortable and we want you to find a home away from home in us. Our brand should imply security and family to you. Our whole team is constantly by your side, eager to assist and has a sympathetic ear for you. Here, you are not just an employee or guest – but a unique human.

Castlewood Hotels Forest


Most of our hotels are in rural, pristine areas. We cherish the nature with its tranquillity, its power and its diversity. Whether its in the Chiemgau Alps, the Zittau Mountains or the Bavarian Forest – while staying with us you can take a deep breath and calm down. Therefore, the connection to nature is especially important to us in all parts of services as well, as in quality, amenities and offers.

Castlewood Hotels & Resorts

In love with the hotel business

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Contact & Articles

If you have any questions regarding our Castlewood Hotels & Resorts Group or about our different hotels, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your request and we will come back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Castlewood Hotels Team

CWHR – The Team

May we introduce ourselves

A strong cohesion as a team as well as an honest and open relationship with each other is very important to us. We value each and every employee with their very own contribution towards day-to-day work. We know, that a strong team is the foundation of a successful business. We would like to introduce ourselves so that you have the chance to meet the faces behind Castlewood Hotels & Resorts.

Castlewood Hotels Team
Castlewood Hotels CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are always endeavoured to make conscious decisions, whether it’s in our daily business or regarding future. Our hotels have their own projects dear to the heart, that we enjoy supporting. From a charity soccer match in Nidda to collecting Christmas gifts for children in need. We love to see the outcome and what we can achieve as a community. Together we can make a difference. We are happy about your support.

Daumen hoch fuer CWHR

Our Partners

& Cooperations

The companies and organisations by our side make many things possible. Through common interests and the corresponding know-how, synergies can be used and projects can be implemented. We thank you for the collaboration. Meet our partners and cooperations.

Team support
Daumen hoch fuer CWHR
Daumen hoch fuer CWHR


Have we caught your attention?

Are you interested in our corporate culture and would you like to become a part of our team? You find our hotels spread all over Germany. Here you will find all job vacancies at a glance. We are looking forward to your application. More about your career at Castlewood Hotels & Resorts you will find here.